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Marching Membership is open to individuals of any ancestry who proudly share in the spirit, vitality, integrity and sense of justice associated with the Irish and are in agreement with and support the purposes of this Society. However, individuals seeking first-time membership must have their applications approved by the Board before becoming members.

There are five classes of membership:

  1. Active & Retired
  2. Associate
  3. Honorary (Selected by ESM Board)
  4. Complimentary (Selected by ESM Board)
  5. Founding (Reserved for our founders)
  6. Survivor (Reserved for those who have lost a loved one in the Line of Duty)

Active & Retired membership shall be open to all active and retired law enforcement officers (Federal, State and Local) and other criminal justice personnel dedicated to enforcing and upholding the laws and Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Minnesota. Only active members shall be eligible to vote on matters pertaining to the Society.

Associate membership shall be open to those who share in the principal beliefs of the Society and do not qualify for Active Membership. Associate members shall have no voice in nor vote on matters pertaining to the Society. Associate membership entitles the holder to participate in the social and charitable activities of the Society.

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