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Why we raise money and why we need your help!

The Children's Program of Northern Ireland was founded in 1973. Every year since, it has arranged for Protestant and Catholic children of Northern Ireland to come to Minnesota for six weeks during the summer. This gives the children a respite from the violent "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Throughout their six weeks in Minnesota the children and host families are brought together as a group to learn that Catholics and Protestants can work together to bring about peace. These children represent the future.

Kids in Car

These kids from the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland enjoyed the inside of a St. Paul Police Patrol Car.

The Minnesota Police Pipe Band is the official pipe band of the Emerald Society of Minnesota. They provide a number of services beneficial to Minnesota and have a special relationship with the Emerald Society. They have the honor of playing at funeral services of Police Officers killed in the line of duty. The Pipes and Drums have played at Police Officer's funerals since the summer of 1994. Tragically, their service is needed too often. One of the Emerald Society of Minnesota Charitable Group's top goals is to continue offering this service free of charge to the families of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Pipe Band at Funeral

The Emerald Society raises money to provide the Services of our pipe band free of charge at the funeral of all Law Enforcement officers, members or not, killed in the line of duty.

The ESM Charitable Group is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and as such, any contributions made to the organization are fully tax deductible.

All work done by the Emerald Society of Minnesota, the ESM Charitable Group, and these charities is done without financial compensation to any member.

In the past our contributors have supported our efforts in a variety of ways including personal involvement, monetary donations, or gifts of supplies for auctions or raffles. We would be grateful for any assistance you can provide to help us continue our endeavors.

If you would like to donate by check, please mail to:

Emerald Society of Minnesota
P.O. Box 40248
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104