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“An Garda Síochána” — A brief history of the Garda (Ireland’s Police)

About our logo

"Some Society members have been asking about the design of our logo. Many ideas were considered and after some debate we combined several into one design. The badge shaped design contains the Irish Flag with the map of Minnesota in the middle. Within the map is embossed an Irish Harp which is the national symbol of Ireland-not the shamrock. The design across the top is taken from the Claddaugh ring which symbolizes friendship, charity and loyalty..."

Jack Davy, circa 1992 from The Emerald Society of Minnesota Archives.

Honorary Members

The Emerald Society of Minnesota is proud to have the following Honorary Members:

Founding Fathers

The following is a list of the individuals who in our fledgling days, had the foresight to see what the Emerald Society of Minnesota could become, and made the initial financial contribution to make it happen. For that, they deserve our sincerest thanks.

  • Thomas Billings
  • John Boulger
  • Wayne Brodeman
  • Thomas Burke
  • Michael Campion
  • Richard Dale
  • Robert Daly
  • Jack Davy
  • David G. Farrington
  • Marvin E. Felderman
  • Dennis Flaherty
  • Patrick J. Finnigan
  • John Fossum
  • Mick Ganley
  • William T. Gillet
  • Richard Haugen
  • Patrick Henry
  • James Hessel
  • Kevin Kelleher
  • Tom Kelly
  • Kevin Kittridge
  • Ken D. Maclean
  • Patrick McKenny
  • Kenneth H. Miller
  • Richard J. Morrill
  • Ron Nagel
  • Mick O'Hara
  • James O'Meara
  • Timothy J. O'Malley
  • John Oberreuter
  • Michael O'Gorman
  • Thomas J. Quinlan
  • Ron Ryan Sr.
  • James P. Ryan
  • Timothy Shanley
  • Tom Skala
  • John Sibley
  • Stephen X. Sullivan
  • Mark P. Wiegel
  • K.R. Workcuff

Cead mille thank yous to our founding fathers!